“So I think that if we move the budget meetings to next week then the department heads could get more time to get organized.”

Akash looked up from his phone calendar.

“Arnav, are you even listening?”

He followed Arnav’s gaze and met it lingering on the Indian waitress.

“Seriously, give it up!”

Arnav looked back at Akash, “what?” he questioned.

“I gather from your ‘what’ that you haven’t heard anything else I have said,” spoke Akash. He continued, “just give it up already! She’s not into you.”

Arnav ignored him.

“Man, you need to stop coming to this diner just to see her,” Akash shook his head and resumed to browse through the phone.

Arnav stirred the sugar in his Americano, and looked up, speaking in an amusing tenor, “oh really.”

A few minutes later Akash looked back up from his phone to see Arnav smiling in a goofy manner.


“Oh, she likes me alright.” Arnav finished the last of his coffee, wiggled his eyebrows and motioned Akash to get a move on.

“She likes you? How do you know?”

They both got up and Arnav flicked a napkin over to Akash. The ten digit number along with the name Khushi written with a bold marker caught his eyes.

“The eyes, chico. They never lie,” said Arnav after grabbing the napkin back and walking towards the door with Akash in tow.

“Oh yeah… truer words have never been spoken, Tony Montana,” said Akash as they laughed out loud and left the diner.



AN: if you haven’t watched Scarface, what are you even doing with your life?!?!


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