“Mom, what are you doing?”

Myrah had dutifully come back home early when her mother called her around noon at the office.

“What was so urgent?” She questioned her mother, standing in the door to her parents bedroom.

Without paying any attention to her darling daughter Khushi continued to rife through the drawers looking for something. Her wispy grey hair fell across her eyes causing her to stop bending over the bookshelf and search somewhere else.

“Do you need help?” Myrah asked when she saw her mother climbing on top of a chair to reach over the bookshelf.

“What the!” She mumbled seeing her mom do such dangerous stunts.

“Mom, are you even listening? I am going to call a servant to come and help you. You shouldn’t be doing these stunts at this age!”

Just as she turned on her heel to call someone, she heard her mother sigh in satisfaction.

“Here it is!”

Khushi climbed off the chair carefully as Myrah moved forward. Her questioning look turned into surprised at her mother for thrusting a very tattered looking book into her hands.

“What’s this?” Myrah asked not sparing a glance at the object.

“Let’s have tea… I’ll explain” Khushi spoke.

Myrah followed her mother into the kitchen, and then followed her towards the back patio of their house, her mother’s favourite portion of their beloved home.

They sat down under the patio as the warm sun filtered through the grey skies.

“The garden looks great, mom,” complemented Myrah temporarily forgetting anything else.

“Arnav insisted on hiring a gardener, but seriously if I don’t even have this to do then my body and brain will rot.”

Khushi poured the tea into two cups and as the aromatic smell reached Myrah’s nostrils she turned her head at mother.

“Mom, he loves you so much I think he’d rather you stay in front of his eyes, all day everyday.”

She pushed her lips over the lid and took a sip.

“So anyway, what was the rush?” Myrah asked suddenly curious about the book placed on the table in between them. “And, what’s this?”

Khushi lifted the book from the table and carefully thumbed through it. She proceeded to give it to her daughter.

Seeing her mother still not give her an explanation, Myrah properly glanced at the book. Girl, Trust your Intuition.

The book had countless pages dog eared, multiple sticky notes barely hanging on to the ancient glue, with faded yet legible and meticulous handwriting, stuck on the pages.

“I know that there will be a phase where you don’t know who is the right person for you,” Khushi spoke as she watched her daughter, “this is what I did when I was in your position.”

It was known to Myrah and her siblings that their mother was intended to marry someone else, not their father. It finally clicked in her head.

“What the!! … Mom, you used a self help book to decide when marrying Dad!?!” Myrah asked in shock and awe.

Khushi noted how Myrah was her father’s daughter with her constant “what the’s”.

“Of course.”

Myrah shook her head and laughed.

“Does Dad know about this?”

“Nope.” Khushi laughed out loud thinking how Arnav thought it was his big gesture of declaring his love to her that had won her over.

Myrah glanced at the first few sticky notes.

Don’t want a Greek god, just mortal love, in all flesh and good hygiene.

Seriously, Will. Not. Be. A. Baby. Sitter.

Directions to reinforcing an idea:Take a Vodka Smirnoff bottle, pour into 3 shots, and chug. With each chug yell out loud: goals, goals, goals. He needs to have goals.

***Someone who can help me build my dream closet!

The bottom of the sticky note read:
*** for superficial yet important things. Because they are just as important with the right person.

Let him reach the conclusion without help. I am his partner, not his mother.

Make sure that you apologize for being wrong but only after he concedes(this makes sure that he stays on his toes at all times)

Directions to your inner warrior: don’t be afraid to stalk him ‘cuz… girl, trust your intuition!

Myrah snickered at her mother for falling in love logically.

“So, take my advice, girl, trust your intuition.” Khushi winked as she sipped onto her tea.




5 thoughts on “Drabble 7: Girl, Trust your Intuition.

  1. It’s a mother’s right to teach her daughter.. its my and my sisters only regret that our mother did not teach us anything, it was done by our grandmother.. Myrah should listen to her mother because before listening to your intuitions , you have to polish them


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