Okay everyone(or no one, depending on who reads this),

The new promo for Ipkknd just popped up on my Instagram feed. I swear, I cannot even begin to tell you the disgust I felt. No, not because of the new girl, or the reprise of the old show, or seeing Barun back(I truly believe they all need to be given a chance). It’s the idea/story that they seem to be going with.

The guy freaking burned the girl’s sari intentionally and then pretended to save her! Like what the fucking fuck?!?!

How could any girl ever say ‘omg, I want him to love me like that!’

He actually pushed the damn fire towards her sari!!

This is not the notion of love that should be taught to impressionable young kids, nor should it be acceptable by the adults who understand how love is!!

I am so disappointed!

So far, Adhvay Singh Raizada is a fucking psycho and you CANNOT idolize, fantasize, admire psychos regardless of how “hot” they look!



6 thoughts on “New Promo of Ipkknd

  1. Yes I agree with you. Just because an actor has a huge fan following does not mean that the audience will take all the trash just to watch him.


    1. Yeah, what were they thinking? How could they possibly redeem a character who is willing to kill someone else just to extract revenge?

      They cannot just turn a leaf one day and make a psycho romantic. Like what?!?

      I am a writer and I know when I say this that I speak for most of the writers, I can literally write any character to become likeable but I won’t ever for his character!!


    1. Absolutely! They are actually showing abuse, and somehow everyone seems to only care about how “hot” he looked… like seriously?!? If it were real life, I would sue the shit out of the psycho guy, get a restraining order, and make sure he is put behind bars!

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      1. Yes! I also hate it when the see people being excited after the promo when they should be disgusted. And not only that, but some people claim to watch it only because they worship a certain actor. That’s just… ridiculous.

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