‘What the hell is that supposed to be?’ her mind screams.

‘It’s like someone took an axe and threw it right into the frame,’ her rambling continues. ‘And then threw black tar on to it because they hated it so much.’

‘Maybe it’s a backup for when the fireplace runs of wood,’ she concludes while chewing on her finger and nods at own conclusion.

‘But, why would Laad Governor need such a place to stock wood for the fire? Usually he is such a stickler for mess and then hangs such a monstrosity right in the line of sight!’ she questions herself.

‘This has to be fixed!’ she finishes as she chastised herself for not noticing before.

‘But I was in such a state of shock at the sudden wedding, swimming in and out of reality how was I supposed to notice this?’ she consoles herself. In an instant an idea homes in her mind and dives her into her clutter pushed to the back of their walk-in closet by the neat freak.

Khushi was in pure elation. Her grin stretched from ear to ear at her handiwork. Sighing she blew a kiss at the wall and jumped in joy.

So what if she was stuck in this room until the ends of eternity. She could still make the jail livable and the inhabitant more appealing to look at, at least one of them.

“Khushi Ji,” she heard Anjali call out to her from downstairs. After blowing a last kiss at her janam, janam ka bae Khushi happily made her way down.

The afternoon slithered into the evening while Khushi was busy helping Anjali with chores and then deciding on what to wear for the upcoming party that weekend.


Everyone including the ‘forever high on life’ NK froze at the sudden scream.

“Was that Arnav?” questioned Anjali in a concerned voice.

“When did he come back from the office?” asked a confused Mami Ji.

“Maybe he fell or hurt himself,” spoke Nani.

“There’s no way that’s Arnav… I don’t think his voice is trained to reach that high in decibels,” NK shrugged his shoulders and sat back down into the sofa to continue eating his chips.

Oh god, these people… no one wants to move… like they possess X-ray vision, and can see through the house walls,’ Khushi mumbled.

“Khushi!” roared Arnav, “Come here!”

Everyone suddenly turned their eyes onto her and Anjali squeezed her arm, her eyes giddy in anticipation for Khushi. Mami Ji coughed as well in an uncomfortable tone and resumed her task of flipping through the latest issue of Vogue India.

What the hell’, thought Khushi, ‘do they think that he wants to jump my bones?’ She immediately shook her head, ‘have they been living under a rock for the past four weeks!!’

“Khushi Ji, Arnav is calling you.. go and see what is going on??” Anjali spoke jolting Khushi out of her inner monologue.

‘Great, send me to the lions den!’ She mused.

“Yeah, okay,” she walked past Anjali and slowly walked towards their room.

After taking a deep breath she pushed the door open with her right hand.

“Yeah, did you call?” She asked in a flat, unimpressed tone.

Arnav flared his nostrils and pointed at the wall.

‘”This!” He roared. “What the hell is this!” He shouted again.

Immediately Khushi’s eyes lit up like a thousand watt light bulb. “I just thought about brightening this room,” she answered.

Arnav was about to shout back when he saw the gooey eyes Khushi was shooting back at the wall.

“You do know he’s not really here, right?” he reminded her.

“And why is he always naked? And why is he wearing a belly button piercing?” asked a very confused and appalled Arnav.

“That’s Salman Khan… the ruler of all!” She talked in a surprised tone but seeing Arnav’s confused expression she felt a dire need to impart this important wisdom.

“You know, dabang, bodyguard, oh oh janne jaana..” and as if to home the point she started to mimic his dancing steps causing Arnav to give her a continuous baffling stare.

“You look like a monkey and so does he! That doesn’t even constitute as dancing!” He shook his head in a disgusted manner.

“Arnav Ji!” shouted Khushi that made the next argument die in Arnav’s throat.

“I will not hear another word against Salman Khan… my janam, janam ka bae,” Khushi raised her hand in a dramatic display of over acting.

“Yeah I can see that he is your janam, janam ka bae… neither he nor you can act properly.” He rolled his eyes.

As if another thing entered his head, “where the hell is the David Goliath piece that was hanging here?”

“Oh, that… wasn’t it backup wood for the fireplace?”

Arnav froze in his spot. “Back up wood?”

“Yeah, there was a hole in the middle, half the piece was missing plus it’s charcoal black.. like someone tried to burn it but then couldn’t… I mean Arnav Ji.. what place did you get it from? Flee market?… I can bet you anything I could have bargained a better rate for you,” Khushi spoke in a matter of fact tone scaring Arnav.

“What rubbish… it isn’t from a flee market! It costed me twenty five lakh rupees!” He shouted.

“What!” Khushi’s eye sockets partially detached from her eyes.

“Oh god, why am I even discussing this with you. You have no sense of art nor appreciation for it!”

Arnav pinched the bridge of his nose.

“That’s art?” She asked baffled at Laad Governor and his reasons.

“Forget it! Where did you put it?”

Immediately Khushi ran into the closet and carried the painting back. “Here… geez why are you getting so hyper?”

“Khushi, take this god awful poster off this wall and better yet go and burn it!” Arnav moved forward to snatch the painting from
Khushi when she shouted, “No! This is my room as well and there is no way that my bae is going to be taken down!”

Arnav could have just moved and ripped the poster off the wall and placed his painting back. But he didn’t. Because for the first time in their one month sham marriage she announced her right over something of his.

He couldn’t argue back with her today.

“You know what… I am going to just take this painting and place it in my study. Keep your stupid poster and have a good life with your “janam, janam ka bae”!” he air quoted.

Arnav picked up his painting and quickly left the room surprising Khushi.

Khushi Kumari Gupta: 1
Arnav Singh Raizada: 0


6 thoughts on “Drabble 5: Janam, Janam ka bae

  1. Nice every piece of writing is just amazing i really enjoy while reading so plz do write more n also a long story.


  2. Janam janam ka bae😂😂😂
    Sankiness at its peak. ✌✌
    Khushi freaking kumari gupta singh raizada….


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