Khushi turned the volume higher and shook her hips at the beat.

“Move my lak baby… saari raat se morning tak baby,” she crooned while dancing seductively as she gazed into the mirror that encased the entire wall in their walk-in closet.

Wrapped in a feathery white towel and hair still dripping wet she slid slightly across the wooden flooring in sync with the beat. She knew that the sound would never leave the massive, sound proof walk-in closet.

She shook her butt and turned around reaching for her phone. She opened Snapchat and started recording.

“Ni Sehlian de naal baith ke, tu lagi rehndi Snapchat te,” she winked into her phone and licked her lips innocently. She recorded herself twerking while pulling her towel almost high enough but ended the video.

She sent the video, however, crinkled her eyes in mischief, opening another app and started the countdown.

Diljit Dosanjh continued to swoon her with words in the background. In an instant she was lifted off the ground as a pair of familiar, strong arms encircled her from the back.

She yelped at the sudden head rush. She lifted her phone with her left arm, “wow, that was 20 seconds from the study to our room… new record, baby.”

Arnav grazed his teeth roughly on her sensitive spot just west of her collarbone, “You need to stop distracting me. I have a major merger going down in two days.”

He licked a trail towards the back of her left ear from her collarbone. Khushi closed her eyes, lifted her left arm aggressively pushing his face closer to neck.

“Fine,” she mumbled, “leave.” She ended her sentence by slowly grazing her bottom against him.

Arnav groaned.

“Fuck it.”

He pulled her towel off her frame, lifted her as she locked her legs behind him while he kicked the closet door shut.


7 thoughts on “Drabble 4: Snapchat

  1. Yumm.. 😍😍😍… Sometyms i wish…. Ye drabble kyu bana ke rakha yaar… Need some full dose of romance for my appetite…
    Its fire evrywhere.


  2. Nice stories plz start another long story as i really liked your previous one Destiny you are an awesome writer so don’t stop it .


    1. I am glad you liked my previous story even though it was such an amateurish attempt at writing. I do have one longer story that I am thinking of writing. But it would definitely have to wait until after I write my law exam. Hope you keep reading other drabbles, o/s I post in the mean time. Thank you🙏🏼❤️


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